City of Jerusalem Plans Promenade on Mount of Olives

Jerusalem development projects for Mount of Olives move forward as city submits plans for promenade....

Photo Credit: Via Haaretz - Ammar Awad - Reuters

Celebrating the American Declaration on Jerusalem

Ma'alot Hanan Porat

Another step in the development of normative Jewish life atop the Mount of Olives Ridge in historic Jerusalem: A new road gets its name: Ma'alot Hanan Porat, the street that leads to Beit Orot. With thanks to Jerusalem City Councilman Aryeh King.




'Moskowitz was a proud Jew and an ardent Zionist'

Beit Orot Executive Director reads letter by Prime Minister Netanyahu at funeral of Dr. Irving Moskowitz.

Caroline Glick Keynote Address

Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick delivered the Keynote Address before a crowd of over 400 people at the Beit Orot Annual Dinner on Wednesday evening, January 6, 2016 held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York.


Thousands Celebrate Succot atop the Mount of Olives Ridge

Fun, values, learning and "Aliyah Laregel" all converged in one place: The Succot "Happenning" at Beit Orot. At the spot where Mount Scopus meets the Mount of Olives, adjacent to the new Jewish neighborhood recently established alongside the Irving Moskowitz Yeshiva & Campus. Visitors enjoyed four different walking trails led by the best guides in Jerusalem; Arts & Crafts workshops; inflatable rides for kids; bungee trampolines; a juggling workshop; and new this year' "Mayim Mishamayim" - a play of the "Nekudah Theatre" - all about faith and the prayer for rain (that starts at the end of Succot); and an interactive workshop on the Hebrew calendar - all in one place,, in the heart of Historic Jerusalem. 

Register Online for an East Yerushalayim Tour!

If you enjoyed visiting the Kotel Tunnels and Ir David then don't miss the rest of Yerushalayim. Be sure to get the whole picture by taking a tour with Beit Orot. Come meet the pioneering young families on Har Hazeitim  . . .

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