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> > Visit the Mount of Olives Northern Ridge

Visit the Mount of Olives Northern Ridge

A 3-hour encounter with the ancient and modern history and heroism of Jewish Jerusalem:


On this unforgettable tour, you’ll see:

  • Visit the grove atop the Mount of Olives Ridge where the "Battle for Augusta Victoria" took place in 1967 during the critical moments leading up to and enabling "Har Habayit B'yadeinu";

  • Witness the story of Hanan Porat, his commander Giora Ashkenazi and the Paratroopers Brigade;

  • Learn about ancient communication systems that were the earliest fulfillment of "the Law emanating from Jerusalem";
  • Take in the most breathtaking views of the modern Jerusalem skyline and of the historic ancient city core; see the Judean Desert, the Jordan Valley and the Moabite Mountains (Jordan) - all from "Mistpe Hamasuot" where Mount Scopus meets the Mount of Olives;
  • Learn about the demographics and geopolitics of the modern Jewish capital. 

The visit is entirely on foot, yet easy terrain. Meeting point is at Beit Orot's new "Mitspe Hamasuot Center" located at the corner of Yitzchak Hanadiv and Hadassah Lampel Streets. Confirmed reservations are required and can be made here.



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