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If you enjoyed visiting the Kotel Tunnels and Ir David then don't miss the rest of Yerushalayim. Be sure to get the whole picture by taking a tour with Beit Orot. Come meet the pioneering young families on Har Hazeitim  . . .

Chanan Porat Reflects on the Six Day War

Beit Orot founder Rav Chanan Porat, reflects on the Six Day Way and the founding of Beit Orot.

Beit Orot Dinner in New York City

Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel

If you are planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel, why not hold your simcha in Beit Orot’s beautiful outdoor garden? Whether your party is 50 people or 250 people, morning, noon or night, meat or dairy, Beit Orot is a great location and provides first-rate catering in a pleasing atmosphere.

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